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2nd Sep 2019 Added recent Exam sessions

In addition to its main courses, CARS also occasionally run exam-only sessions which can cater for a variety of levels. CARS Advance Exam sessions (typically in July and December) have the capacity to host Foundation and Intermediates as well - please do enquire. In Autumn 2018 we also started monthly smaller sessions (EX1, EX2, EX3...) in parallel with Skills nights.

Exam: 1-Aug-2019

Continuing a busy summer period before the new syllabus, we had two further passes on August 1st. Tarmo passing his Foundation and Bogdam at Intermediate


Exam: 11-Jul-2019

In parallel with the summer Advance exam, a bumper session also had these successful candidates taking their Foundation and Intermediate - the latter included Chika making another journey from South Wales


Exam: 20-Jun-2019

Jack M7JWH and James M7JDH successfully took their Intermediate on Thursday June-20th as they would have been away for the main exam session that was on July 11th.

Exam: 30-May-2019

One of the more extraordinary cases was at the end of May when Chika Worka who is a Researcher at University of South Wales travelled miles to take his Foundation practicals and exam at CARS! Chika travelled all the way from Pontypridd in South Wales and stayed overnight in a B+B in Danbury, doing practicals on Wednesday and the exam on Thursday evening May 30th. He is pictured along with Willem who also passing his Foundation on the night.

Foundation Passes for Chika and Willem

Exams: 24-Apr-2019

Wednedsay 24-Apr-2019 saw a twin exam session for Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate Success - and Advanced Passes: Pauline M0XPK, Geoff M0YJG

Exams: 15-Apr-2019

Session-EX9 on 15-Apr-2019 saw four Foundation candidates doing well

Exams: 21-Feb-2019

The February Foundation exam session on Monday 21-Feb-2019 also proved very successful for these four Intermediate candidates

Exams: 17-Dec-2018

A further December Exam Session on Monday evening 17-Dec-2018 had more success with Chantelle passing Foundation (now M7ACR) and Daniella thru Intermediate

Chantelle (Left) and Daniellia (Right) with Peter M0PSD

Exams: 5&6-Dec-2018

The main Dec-2018 Exam Session was largely in conjunction with a packed out Advance-22R session on Thu 6-Dec-2018, but with Paul below on the evening before

Wed Dec-5: Peter M0PSD congratulating Foundation Candidate Paul Offord

Thu Dec-6: More Happy Looks from Two Foundation and Three Intermediates

Exam: 19-Nov-2018

The Nov-2018 Exam Session saw two more candidates passing their Foundation :-

Happy EX3 Candidates - John O’Connell M7JOC & Stephen Woolford

Exam: 15-Oct-2018

The Oct-2018 Exam Session saw two successful candidates passing their Intermediate :-

Lukasz 2E0OMK and Marcin-2E0ONM - after their successful exam session

Exam: 17-Sep-2018

The Sep-2018 Exam Session saw Craig and Jamie take their Intermediate :-

Jamie M6LZI and Craig M6OZC – with Peter - following the EX1 exam session

Exam: 12-Jul-2018

The Exam Session on Thursday July-12 was a successful joint one for Foundation and Intermediate candidates
- as a bumper crop of Advance candidates were aiming the forthcoming December slot.

Another four! - Three happy Intermediates - inc a candidate who had travelled from West London
Left to right: Andrew 2E0ONH, Perry 2E0XPD, Tim 2E0EVV, Craig M6OZC

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