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CARS - Online Course Fees

CARS can accept course fees by PayPal. Please include your full contact details (Name, Address, Callsign etc) to help our Training Manager

  Full Courses:-    
Foundation Course   £ 50.00
Intermediate Course   £ 80.00
Advanced Quick-Prep Course   £ 55.00
Advanced Fast-track Course   £ 65.00
  Exams Only:-    
Intermediate Exam   £ 40.00
Advanced Exam   £ 45.00
  Others Fees:-    
Foundation Practicals & Exam   £ 40.00
Intermediate Practicals Workshop   £ 15.00
Other Course Payment  ≥ £ 10.00

Please allow time for our volunteers to validate submissions and update our records etc as there is only so much we can automate - Many thanks!

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