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Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

CARS Equipment for Sale

From time to time CARS will sell on equipment from Silent Keys (from former members)

General Terms:

Clive G1EUC SK Sale items
Since Clive's passing, various items have either been scrapped (tower, packet equipment) or sold as we met the timeline to clear the house. Some items remain for sale...

  • Click for Latest List   12-Jun-2016

    If interested, please email Equipment Enquiry and include your own info and specific item of interest, so we can check availability and advise - (esp as some items may already be subject to other offers)

    Other items

    Colin G0TRM often has items from silent keys etc for sale towards club funds - and is also coordinator of CARS TableTop sale events.

    Contact Colin Page G0TRM, CARS Secretary - email CARS Secretary

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