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Oliver Prin M0WAG - Silent Key
27-May-1944   -   28-Jan-2022 , Age 77

Oliver Prin M0WAG of Heybridge Basin near Maldon sadly passed away on Friday 28th January 2022 after a short illness.

Among Oliver's many talents he was a qualified parachute free fall instructor, HGV driver and eventually qualifying and retiring as a computer engineer.

Oliver was a CARS Committee member and volunteered as the Club QSL Manager. As Lead Exam Invigilator he supported many candidates in CARS exams.

A keen DX enthusiast and CW instructor he helped many newcomers to Morse code and recently assisted the beginners class at Essex CW Boot Camp last October.

Oliver first obtained Foundation call M3WPI then passed CARS Intermediate Course-7 in May-2008 to become 2E0WAA, later passing his Advanced exam to become M0WAG.

Rest in peace, Oliver.


There was no funeral service. Instead, Oliver's wife Sue, his son Wayne and Grandson Harvey held a wake on Friday March-11 at Hatfield Place Orangery, at Hatfield Peverel, CM3 2ET.

The eulogy covered his very varied life over his career (~30 jobs), as well as a sky diving parachutist (100s of descents).

The Orangery at Hatfield Place

Attendees for CARS included Andy G0IBN, John M0JOC, Paul G4PVM, Tony G0JYI, John G4IMS, Keith G3WGE and John G8DET
Photos by John G8DET

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