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Ken Whittle G7RFT - Silent Key
6-Jan-1936  -  4-Oct-2021 , Age 85

Ken Whittle G7RFT, born January 1936, became a SK on 4th October 2021, age 85.


From Geoff Lovegrove G7KLV:
I first met Ken at the radio club. It was about 15 years ago as far as I can remember. Like myself he had worked for Marconis for many years. However, he had been based at Great Baddow and our paths had never crossed. Although I believe that we had shared the same boss, Dr George Grisdale, but at different stages in our careers.

My advancing years have caused me to be unable to remember when we were first introduced at the Radio Club, however, we discovered that we both enjoyed the same sort of music. This led to a number of years of weekly visits to Brentwood Jazz Club. We both appreciated the same music and enjoyed each other’s company.

Ken was always happy to be taxi driver. I was very grateful for this as I had stopped driving. He was also good enough to take my friend Margaret on one occasion.

Unfortunately, due to Jean’s declining health our evenings out came to an end as he was reluctant to leave her. This, and of course Covid, meant we had not been in touch for some time.

I was surprised and sorry to read of his death in the Essex Chronicle at the beginning of October.

From Paul G4PVM:
I worked on HF surface wave radar with Ken in the early 80s. We had a nice cruise out of Falmouth on HMS Londonderry. I don't remember him being involved with the Australian HF sky wave system but he may have been.

From John G8DET:
In 1982’ish we had a chat about the French Exocet Guided Missile which did a lot of damage to the British ships during the Falklands Conflict – apparently he was working on a Marconi modification to track it.


Ken's funeral was on Monday 1st November 2021 at North End - A pdf copy of the service is below

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