Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Laurie Fuller G6LB - Silent Key
18-Jun-1905  -  25-Apr-1957

From CARS History:
Chelmsford, the first meeting held in this area was organized by G6LB and held at G5RV [Louis Varney's house in Galleywood Road] Chelmsford, when an attendance of 26 was recorded, this included a party of 15 from Southend." Apart from founding CARS, Laurie Fuller G6LB was also the facilitator for the first RSGB Tie!

Silent Key:
It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the passing, on April 25 1957, of Laurence Fuller (G6LB) of Great Baddow, Essex. For some months he had been seriously ill but throughout that time he maintained his well-known cheerfulness and humour. He was in his 53rd year.

His primary interest of recent years was DX work on Top Band, and the effort and enthusiasm he put into this was an example of the real “Ham Spirit” with which he was imbued.

He has been an active amateur for more than 33 years and during this time had always kept strictly to the code of the “Good Amateur” in which he so firmly believed. He had loyally supported and served the Society in many ways in the past, including holding office as East London District Representative, later as T.R. [Town Representative] for Chelmsford.

His sterling work during succeeding National Field Days – which went back to the old days of Abbess Rothing – will long be remembered by those who shared those happy weekends with him.

Although not quite so well known to the newer generation, Laurie's passing will leave a gap in the ranks of the old timers that can never be filled. He will always be remembered by those of us who knew him as one of the best friends we ever had.

The interment took place on April 30 in the presence of a number of radio friends of G6LB including G2DQ, G2HGI, G2SA, G3ABB, G3CUH, G3GNQ, G3KPJ, G4DC, G4UX, G4VF, G6LL and G6UT. (RSGB Bulletin May-1957)

An example of a District-14 update by Laurie G6LB:-

(RSGB Bulletin August-1943)

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