Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

George Cutting G3GNQ - Silent Key
18-Oct-1922  -  28-May-2005, Age 82

George Cutting G3GNQ became a Silent Key on 28th May 2005, aged 82.

In 1939 George Cutting joined Crompton Parkinson which employed about 3,000 people in Chelmsford. Jack Ridley G2AJF, Harry Heap G5HF and Fred E. Smith BRS5242 were also at Cromptons.

George's interest in radio was prompted by the purchase of a crystal set. This was followed by a 2-valve receiver with plug-in coils which cost 2 shilling and 6 pence (12.5p). After WW2, George attended a radio club in Romford and purchased a Marconi 1155 receiver, which came from a Lancaster bomber.

George lived just a few hundred yards from Jack Ridley G2AJF who was in digs at 184 Galleywood Road and Louis Varney G5RV at 169? Galleywood Road. (Note: The houses in Galleywood Road have been renumbered since then). George spent several years as an SWL and before he was licensed he used to work Jack G2AJF by pirating G5HF, Harry Heaps callsign.

In those days the local Morse testing centre was in the GPO building near to Barclays in Chelmsford town centre. George had the distinction of being one of the few people who were called upon to take the 12 wpm Morse test twice. The first time he took it the examiner failed to sign the form. Unfortunately this was spotted and George was called back to take the test again.

George's Transmitter - 1950

After he was licensed as G3GNQ in 1950, George had many QSO's with Jack G2AJF; even when Jack moved to Canada in 1958 where Jack had the callsign VE3EHR but they eventually lost touch with each other.

It wasn't until the 1970's that Jack by then VE3DLR had a contact with GW3PFV and they discovered they both knew George G3GNQ. GW3PFV arranged a sked between Jack and George and it was the start of regular Monday night contacts, at 6pm U.K. local time, between the two stations. In total 573 weekly contacts were made between them before Jack passed away at the age of 80.

George's QSL Card

Thank you Trevor, M5AKA for these words.

His Funeral took place at Chelmsford Crematorium (South) on Monday, 6th June, 2005 at 2.45pm.

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