Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Harry Collin G2DQ - Silent Key
1-Feb-1901 - 9-Jan-1976, Age 74

Silent Key:
It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Harry Collin, G2DQ, who passed away in his shack during the evening of Friday 9th January 1976. He will be missed by Transmitters and Listeners alike. During the past few years he had been active on the 2 metre band on a nightly sked with G3RHO and some of the other locals. He made an occasional appearance on 160 metres when the Friday night net station had no replies to his CQ. A week before his death, he had put up a G5RV antenna and was active on the 20 metre band. Quite some time since he had been active on that band. He gave assistance and was a guiding influence to all.

(CARS February 1976 Newsletter, Issue 121)

Harry Collin, who died recently aged 73, was licensed in 1922 and joined the RSGB in 1930. A keen constructor, he was a winner of several RSGB competitions, an active member of Chelmsford ARS and a well known personality on VHF.

(RadCom March 1976)

Historical Snippets:

RSGB T&R Bulletin in June 1934 featured Harry's station in Wickford

An item in 1976 Short Wave Magazine recalls the early use of signature tunes by amateurs - including Harry's - "The Wedding of a Painted Doll"...

Read more about Harry Colin G2DQ's Station - T&R Bulletin June 1934 (pdf)

Harry's QTHs:

  • 1929: London Road, Wickford, Essex
  • 1932: Highfields Cottage, Rectory Grove, Southend Road, Wickford, Essex.
  • 1951: 32 High Street, Wickford, Essex,
  • 1956: Tudor House, Penny Royal Road, Danbury Common, Chelmsford, Essex.


  • 1934/5: RSGB 1930 Committee Cup - as winner of the 1.7Mc Transmitting contest in 1934.

    The RSGB 1930 Committee Cup

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