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John Yates G1UZD - Silent Key

John Yates of Wickham Bishops passed away in August 2022.

John was a keen and active radio amateur and was licensed in 1986. He was QRV from home on 60m to 70cm. He helped with special event stations such as the Great Baddow 70th anniversary open day in 1993 (GB70GB), and the Marconi New Street 96th anniversary in 1996 (GB96MWT pictured - John sat operating).

John joined CARS in 2003. He volunteered for the committee in 2008 and served several years as programme secretary. He was CARS chairman in 2013/14. He also operated as OH/G1UZD when in Finland visiting his wife’s family.

He joined Marconi in 1959 and worked for the company for over 40 years. One notable contribution was on the JORN HF radar project where he spent time alone at a receiver site in the bush. He had to drive 25 miles to the nearest town for provisions. After he left Marconi, he was a keen member of the Marconi Veterans and used to meet former colleagues for a drink every week in the Railway Tavern in Chelmsford. He had a collection of Marconi equipment including an analogue H2541 receiver, a digital H2550 receiver, and a digital H1550 HF drive.

Our condolences to his family.

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