Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

1979 VHF Field Day

CARS hadn't traditionally entered VHF NFD but in the May 1979 newsletter it was reported that Chris Lancaster G8HDR had moved to the area and was very interested in competing in some VHF contests. Very soon plans were made enter VHF NFD on 7/8 July and to operate from Gibbs Farm on Spring Elms Lane in Little Baddow. The July newsletter included a call from Chris and John Donnithorne G8MKX for people to help set up and operate three stations on 144, 432 and 1296 MHz.

The write up in the August newsletter states:

"The event was largely a chapter of disasters but every one enjoyed themselves and were keen to have another go next year. The first problem came when it was discovered that the Southend club were going to use a site less than a mile from our site at Little Baddow. It was reckoned that this would make operation very difficult and so as they were there first we decided to move. Fortunately Willie G3VPK was able to find a site at Great Braxted by kind permission of the Water Authority. The site was superb and we were doing very well indeed on 70cm until the linear expired (cause still unknown). The 2m linear never did work and at the end the 23cm station was running more power than the other stations put together!"
We know nine people who were there: John Donnithorne G8MKX, Willie McClintock G3VPK, Bill & Doreen Pechey G4CUE and G8NMO, Chris Lancaster G8HDR, John Bowen G8DET, Dick Brocks G3WHR, and Andrew & Daphne Mead G8KQE and G8WQZ.

The 23cm station was provided by Willie G3VPK - with an amplifier using 2C39 valves, and a quad loop antenna from Dick G3WHR fed via LDF4-50 Heliax. Full details of the equipment used on other bands are not known but antennas comprised a long Yagi for 2m, and quad loop Yagi for 70cm. An "Armstrong" rotator was used on all bands. The highly directional antennas meant that most of the 23cm contacts were arranged following a 70cm contact - so the two stations had to be within speaking/shouting distance.

Radcom reports that CARS finished in joint 61st position with a score of 875:

1979 Chelmsford VHF NFD Results

Setting up

Three stations set up

NFD Operators - Bill G4CUE, Willie G3VPK, John G8DET

Photos courtesy of Dick Brocks G3WHR

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