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Silent Key - Alois Ochojski, DL3PD


Alois Ochojski DL3PD became a Silent Key in February 2007, aged 84.

Alois was a CARS Member for some 20 years following the Twinning of Chelmsford with Backnang. A weekly net was held between Amateurs in Backnang & Chelmsford, Alois was nearly always present.

Photograph of Alois in a Radio Museum

Alois was very good at explaining to children the "magic" of Radio. He sent this photograph to Brian, G3CVI when he last renewed his Membership.

A Sympathy Card has been signed by CARS Members and sent to Inge, his Widow.


A Obituary written by Peter Uhrich, DK6SP was presented in the CARS July 2007 Newsletter and is reproduced here:-

"Our good friend Alois DL3PD died aged 84 years. We lost an expert in communications and electronics. Already as a young man during World War II he was busy with radio communications and radar technique equipment. In 1946 he became a Ham. I do not know if it was legal to be on the air in those days, but I am sure he was. Later he got his call DL3PD which is well known among the Ham VHF-UHF community. He published one of the first transistorized and battery powered 2m AM-radios.

I made his acquaintance in 1971 during my first visit of the local club meeting. He was very friendly and helpful and convinced due to his wide and established experience. Alois was always busy with Ham projects. He was a real home brewer. Nevertheless he found time to be President of our local radio club for several years. But his good wife Inge kept an eye on him that he did not spend his whole leisure time with his hobby which was also his profession.

He worked for AEG Telefunken in South Africa for several years. When he was back he became a team leader in the radio department where long haul radio equipment was developed. During his retirement he was active for the technical Museum in Backnang. There he managed to resurrect old long haul radios Fredda and Michael and demonstated them in operation during open days.

Fredda equipment was used to transmit TV-pictures of the Coronation procedure of Queen Elizabeth to Germany. Alois was one of the pioneers who established that radio link. His expertise especially about valves and operating them in VHF-equipment was appreciated and known also in the Deutsche Technikmuseum in Berlin.

Alois regularly ran the Chelmsford - Backnang net on 20 and 40m with Roy G3PMX, Harry G5HF and Geoff G3EDM for years. He had long chats with Roy about television transmitters, especial in Poland".

Peter DK7SP

Thank you very much for writing this in such good English we will all miss Alois.

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