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Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Committee Members, 2017/8


President:   Tony Gilbey, G4YTG

Vice President:   Murray Niman, G6JYB

Committee Members

Chairman:   Peter Davies M0PSD

Treasurer:   Myra Davis, M0MYR

Secretary:   Colin Page, G0TRM

Membership Secretary:   Pauline Davies, M6XPK

Chris Boon 2E0CUU

Andy Chapman, G7TKK

Perry Douglas M6XPD

Clive King M0GHH

Jamie Miller M6LZI

Oliver Prin M0WAG

CARS Duties

Programme Secretary:   Colin Page, G0TRM

Club callsign:   Colin Page, G0TRM

Training Manager:   Peter Davies, M0PSD

Equipment Manager: Chris Boon 2E0CUU

Newsletter Editor:   vacant

Publicity and RadCom Liaison:  

QSL Manager:   Oliver Prin M0WAG

Raffle Organiser: Chris Chapman G0IPU

Essex Chronicle & Weekly News Liaison:   Colin Page, G0TRM

Website:   Murray Niman G6JYB

Sandford Mill Liaison:   Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV

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