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Best RSGB Club in 2009

3rd January 2011 Added this page.

National Club of the Year Competition

CARS is pleased to announce that it was selected as the 2009 Winning Club for Region 12 and then Nationally.

Report of trip to RSGB AGM

On a lovely quiet day in the sky (due to Icelandic Volcano Ash grounding all jets) John, G8DET picked up Clive Ward, G1EUC and Gwyn Williams, G4FKH and made 2metre contact with Mark Sanderson, M0IEO who was picking up Martyn, G1EFL and they set off to Bedford to attend the RSGB AGM.

Clive acted as a human Satnav and navigated the party to reach The Swan Hotel at 11am to Register.

From left to right. John, G8DET; Mark, M0IEO; Clive, G1EUC and Martyn, G1EFL.
Gwyn, G4FKH was talking a Board Member for Propagation inside the hall.
Photograph taken by an anon RSGB Member - thanks.

After a nice tea/coffee the AGM started at 12mid-day.

The AGM Top Table.
Photograph taken by John, G8DET.

The formal announcements and finance were kept short and then the Awards were presented.

Steve Hartley G0FUW and the Bath Buildathon team collected the Kenwood Training Trophy for outstanding contribution to amateur radio training.   This was awarded to CARS in 2007.

The National Club of the Year Award was announced in reverse order (as is Come Dancing!)

The 3rd place went to Spalding and District ARS and they collected their Award.

The 2nd place went to the Verulam ARS (Hertfordshire) and they collected their Award.

Had this meant CARS had lost out!

Peter Kirby then said "The Club of the year is deservingly - Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society"

We had done it due to the dedication of all Members - Thank you everyone.

The Live Video camerman, Gwyn, Clive, Mark, Martyn, John and Dave Wilson, M0OBW, President.
Photograph taken by a Regional Manager from the front row - thanks.

The Award.

With the Award (above) also comes a lovely modern Glass Trophy and a monetary Award as well.

In accepting the Award from President Dave, Chairman John paid tribute to all CARS Members who had supported the Club during the year to make the Award Competition Entry possible and to the excellent support received from all the surrounding Clubs including SEARS, LEFARS, CRA and Felixstowe to name but a few.

After the presentation the Regional 4 Manager introduced himself as Harold Scrivens, G0UGE, the promoter of the Club of the Year Award and had quite a chat.   He said he was very pleased that CARS had won the Award as he often seen items in RadCom (thank you Trevor, M5AKA) and noted our Training Web information (thank you Murray, G6JYB) and Training efforts (thank you Clive, G1EUC, Chris, G0IPU, Mark, M0IEO and Martyn, G1EFL).   He had also noted our publicity and he was particulary strong on promoting Amateur Radio to the public (thank you Mark, M0IEO & Richard, M3YLB).

John, G8DET with Harold Scrivens, G0UGE (promoter of the Award) and Dave Wilson, President.
Photograph taken by the Official Photographer.

The "Founders Trophy" was awarded to Prof. Martin Harrison - G3USF, Chairman of the PSC.   As he could not be there it was accepted by Leslie Butterfields, G0CIB (Board Member for Propagation) and Gwyn, G4FKH.

Dave Wilson, President, Gwyn Williams, G4FKH and Leslie Butterfields, G0CIB.
Photograph taken by John, G8DET.

After excellent lunch provided by the hotel the AGM reconvened at 2pm for question time where CARS Members took an active part.

At 3.30pm the RSGB Members were going and CARS took Leslie, G0CIB (and the large Founders Trophy) to the railway station with Clive acting as human Satnav again.

A Wedding party were waiting to take over the places the RSGB had just vacated - a good utilization on the part of the Swan Hotel.   Thanks to their good facilities and to the RSGB.

The new bride waiting to use the Swan Hotel.

A good drive back (the quiet way via Baldock) and the CARS party got back in Chelmsford for 6.30pm in time to see the setting sun.   Round trip of 150 miles (more for Mark).

The setting sun in the Volcano Ash.

CARS have received dozens of very nice congratulation E-Mails - good news seems to travel nearly as fast as bad news!   Jeff Stanton, G6XYU (W&S) has passed his congratulations and Norman from SEARS has Forwarded the next E-Mail from India. What Ganesan may not know is that we used his photograph in our competition entry - so we have to thank him!

John, G8DET,   A note from Ganesan.   73s   Norman, M0FZW, SEARS.

----- Original Message -----
From: MKAananthaganesan ganesan
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 2:46 PM
Subject: Re: RSGB Club of the Year 2009.

Dear Norman,
Let me congratulate the Chairman, Hon. Sec and office bearers and Members of the CARS for being adjudged the "Club of the Year" by the RSGB.   I am really privileged to be associated with CARS as a Honorary Member.
Hats off to all who have made this possible.   I hope the Anamalai Amateur Radio Club will try to emulate all your activities and in the years to come try to get the honour received by CARS.

Please be kind enough to convey my heartiest wishes to the Club Members and other office bearers that your achievement is kindling me to train as many students as possible and bring them in to our fold.
Your untiring efforts are giving me the fillip to do as much to the student community as possible.   Keep it up and good luck.

Ganesan, President of the Anamalai Amateur Radio Club, India.

Thank you very much Ganesan and Norman.

The Trophy for Region 12 has been sponsored by W&S and was presented at their Hockley shop on Saturday, 27th March.

A number of CARS Members travelled to Hockley where Jeff Stanton, G6XYU presented the Trophy to Phillip Brooks, RSGB Region 12 Manager to pass on to them.

Region 12 Presentation
From left to right. Jeff Stanton, G6XYU, Phillip Brooks, G4NZQ presenting the Winning
RSGB Region 12 Club of the Year Trophy to CARS Chairman John Bowen, G8DET.
Photograph taken by Murray, G6JYB.

In presenting the Trophy Jeff said he was pleased that the first Club to win the new title was CARS as they had such a good working relationship with them – they also appeared in RadCom more often than W&S!

CARS Members were then invited to have their photograph taken to record the event.

Region 12 Presentation
From left to right.   Late Peter Hale, G4OAD, SK; John Yates, G1UZD; Andrew Kersey, G0IBN;
CARS Vice President Geoff Mills, G3EDM; RSGB Region 12 Manager Phillip Brooks, G4NZQ;
Mark Sanderson, M0IEO; CARS Senior Instructor Murray Niman, G6JYB;
Stuart Haycock, 2E0VZL; Colin Page, G0TRM.
Seated, CARS Training Manager Clive Ward, G1EUC, Chairman, John Bowen, G8DET and
Lead Trainer Martyn Medcalf, G1EFL.
Photograph taken by Norman Crampton, M0FZW, Secretary of SEARS, Canvey Island and a CARS Member.

Region 12 Presentation
The top inscription of the Trophy
Photograph taken by Murray, G6JYB.

Region 12 Presentation Region 12 Presentation
The RSGB Region 12 Club of the Year Trophy, sponsored by W&S, Hockley.
The plaque was presented to be kept by CARS to remind them of the event,
the Trophy being passed to the year 2010 Club winners.
Photographs taken by John, G8DET.

Congratulations to those who drafted and edited the Competition Entry and to all those CARS Members who made Winning the Trophy possible.

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