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Essex Skills Night - Sep-2017

Monday evening, 7pm Sept 18th 2017, was Essex Skills Night.
- But with a new slant...

The autumn saw Skills return for an experimental 3-month period - that depends on more people/clubs coming forward with fresh demos!

Amateur Radio Skills Sessions (or Workshops) as they were first called, started in January 2014 with a major aim to carry on where formal training ended. Its popularity over the past four years means that the recipe is certainly appreciated, but nowadays mainly for an experienced audience. Results from the March 2017 online survey had also provided some food for thought, so following a break over the summer a couple of new recipes are being tried to both ease the organisational burden and to freshen up the offerings…

For the first outing Chris G0IPU was running the first of a series of training themed demos, whilst some other regulars were also in attendance:-

CARS (Chris G0IPU) and EssexHam (Peter M0PSX) had arranged various training materials and demos

Component Recognition, Essex CW and Badges were all on offer

Wot no Quiz ? – feedback from the Skills survey had suggested to give some things a rest. However that was one of the features that others missed.

In any case the quiz master was away on a vital mission… (but he is back now! – so watch out in October!) Our thanks to Peter M0PSX for the photos.

Please bear in mind that Skills does not happen by itself. So future content and success is 100% down to you! ` ` (Otherwise it will be socialising without helpful radio content)

If you want a table for a demo do email us beforehand and Peter M0PSX will do his best to fit you in - but please be certain, as we only have so many tables

Our thanks to the various members of CARS, Essex RAYNET, Essex Repeater Group, Essex CW Club and Essex Ham who were on hand to help with questions as well as volunteers in the kitchen doing the tea/coffee and nibbles.

Next Event: Monday 16-Oct-2017

Venue: Danbury Village Hall, CM3 4NQ

Skills Night takes place at the Danbury Village Hall – Entrance is free, and the event is open to all. Tea/coffee is also available.

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