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CARS Skills - March-2015

Monday the 16th of March saw an excellent turnout with 65 people attending CARS Skills Night at Danbury Village Hall. Topics included:-

  • Antennas & ATUs
  • Satellites
  • March-20 Solar Eclipse
  • Radio Programming
  • Construction & Patch leads    
  • Morse Arduino & Logging
  • SSTV and SDR Demos
  • Essex CW Club
  • Quiz - very testing!
  • CARS Membership

  • Peter M0PSX giving an overview of this months features

    Skills Night isnt just CARS - as Essex CW, Essex Repeater and other clubs/members come to visit to offer advice, socialise etc Below are tables from Essex CW and Essex Ham.

    Rob M0KCP and Essex CW Club

    Receiving SSTV from the ISS by Essex Ham

    Prior to the quiz, a one minute silence was held for Danbury-local John Wood G4EAT who was a microwave band champion and had suddenly died just days after attending the February skills night. The quiz itself was hosted by Clive G1EUC, including some topical questions related to Easter, band plans and the Raspberry Pi

    Another busy attendance in the two rooms

    Another busy evening, and a very successful Skills Night. The next Skills Night takes place on Monday 20-Apr-2015.

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