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10thDecember2005 Changed the Return Coding. July 2005, corrected Call-Sign from G0CQK to M0CQK in the 6th photograph.

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International Marconi Day - 24th April, 2004.

The 24th, Saturaday was the hottest day of the year so far with the temperature in the 20 degrees C range. This meant that a number of people went to the seaside instead of visiting IMD!. Radio propagation conditions were generally poor with a lot of QRM & Fading.

Having said that a large number of people did visit the Sandford Mill, some for the first time. Many had worked for Marconi in one way or another.
Some had worked on the HS1200 because they knew which screw to undo to draw out one of the slide-in equipment trays. Another Engineer recognised the TV Camera as his "own" because there was a modification inside he had fitted.

The Westwood family
The Westwood Family from Danbury who had worked for Marconi for many years - their first visit to Sandford Mill.
They were looking at the domestic radios and had recognised one that they still owned. They had just looked at the Elizabethan Transmitter designed by G5RV and built by Dave Bolwell, G3JCM, now of of Danbury, in the 1950s .
See below.

Elizabethan Transmitter
The Elizabethan Transmitter designed by Louise Varney, G5RV and built by Dave Bolwell of Danbury.

IMD is the opportunity for a number of amateur radio stations connected with Marconi to contact each other and other amateurs. Since Marconi had operations in just about every country, this gives plenty of scope to work world wide.

Ron & Denis
Denis, 2E0BIA logging with Ron, M3CAM on the microphone.
Photograph by Colin, G0TRM

Chelmsford Borough Council supports Sandford Mill where IMD is run from and invites the public to enjoy the day.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) operate using the club callsign GX0MWT (Marconi Wireless Telegraph). One of the stations was located in the original wooden hut used by the broadcast station 2MT back in the 1920's. A doublet antenna running over the river was used on 80 and 40 metres.

Malcom, Steve & Ken
Malcom, G4KGL logging, Steve, G4ZUL on the microphone & Ken, G7RFT watching.

Presenting the QSL Card
Bob, M1DTA (right) presenting Steve, G4ZUL with the first QSL Card of IMD 2004.

The second H.F station used the higher bands and a one element tri-band beam which was mounted on a high, flat roof. Tony, G4YTG provided the aerial & his valve rig.

John, G0CQK working from the upper station
John, M0CQK (not G0CQK, as previously stated) working from the "upper" station. John worked 3 stations per minute, single handed for 6 hours, had a 10 mins break and then worked another 6 hours. Well done & thanks.

Charles, G0GJS
Charles, G0GJS operating his favourite mode - Morse - from the "upper" station. Charles enters the contact direct into his computer using the Swiss Log Program. He worked 84 stations in 2 hours.
Notice the tea facilties nearby.
Photograph by Colin, G0TRM

The stations were operated from 00:00 GMT until 20:00 GMT on Saturday 24th April, 2004 manned by a team of operators co-ordinated by Brian G3CVI. Special QSL Cards to confirm a contact will be issued by CARS via the RSGB Bureau by our QSL Manager, Carl, G3PEM, QTHR.

Many radio amateurs from around Essex visited the event where they met Marconi personal both still employed and retired. Bob Boddy, G6AKL was seen after his illness looking a lot slimmer & better; Arthur Reford, G3EHZ visited, as did a number of SWLs - pleased to see you all.

Many other Marconi Stations were on the air - see more details by clicking below.

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