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GB95 Two Emma Toc - Feb-2017

Special Event: GB952MT

Commemorating the 95th Anniversary of the Birth of British Broadcasting

12 & 14th February 2017
Sandford Mill, Chelmsford CM2 6NY

Sandford Mill and the famous 2MT Writtle Hut which is now preserved inside were the venue for a 'Special' Special Event Station, GB952MT in February 2017.

95 Years Ago, on Tuesday 14th February 1922, a small group of young, gifted, charismatic - and perhaps slightly irreverent - Marconi employees turned on a medium wave transmitter in a 'long low hut' at Writtle, and began an experiment which is now regarded as the Birth of British Broadcasting. Led by the irrepressible Peter Eckersley, the 2MT team broadcast every Tuesday evening. What started as a station for 'calibration purposes' for the fast growing number of radio hams, transformed into an entertainment programme like none before.

95 Years Later, in Feb-2017 the historic launch of 2MT was celebrated by a very Special Event Station GB952MT (GB95 Two Emma Toc) from the original hut (now at Sandford Mill).

Note: As these times are not normal Sandford Mill open-days/evening, all attendees must be pre-registered for this event.

  • QSL: No cards - eQSL is preferred
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    EmmaToc-Online: The event is also being marked by an Internet Radio Station over the Feb 12-14 period courtesy of Jim 2E0RMI. Full details including some 2MT history and and the stream playout schedule are available at


    Sandford Mill in north Chelmsford now houses the original hut from which 2MT operated in Writtle in 1922. Some slides and photos below are from the lead-up publicity as both Amateur radio, Twitter and Internet radio streaming were used to mark the anniversary.

    PR Slides for the event covered history and the Internet stream by Jim 2E0RMI

      2MT Hut from Writtle

    The 2MT Hut is the original home of British Broadcasting.
    2022 will be the centenary and a project to build a replica of the original 2MT transmitter is underway

    GB952MT - HF

    Most operation on the Sunday was on 40m HF with 7.106 being the main spot (despite a weekend contest). This occurred from inside the 2MT Writtle hut, with the club IC-756-Pro connected to the 80m doublet. We were pleased to have quite a number of visitors and volunteers on a cold afternoon.

    Tim Wander G6GUX (Museum Consultant) and Bob Tokley G4MDB on the Mic, with Les G4JDS logging

    Chris G0IPU (GB95 2MT NoV holder) - and Keith G3WGE operating with Oliver M0WAG logging

    Jim 2E0RMI and Peter M0PSX taking turns on the GB952MT mic

    The club Icom 756 Pro used for HF DX

    GB95 2MT - HF2 & VHF

    Upstairs on the Mezzanine floor was the second amateur station which was more optimised for locals and had a Yaesu 7900 VHF dual bander, as well as short range HF from a Kenwood TS570D.

    Murray G6JYB on HF, with Kristian M0SSK on VHF

    Radio Emma Toc

    In the other section of the 2MT hut was Jim 2E0RMI who had set the website and streaming radio station. This had a mix of preset playout material and live interviews and runs thru the full period of Feb-12-14.

    Jim 2E0RMI (with 2MT Replica Tx behind) - and Tim Wander G6GUX being interviewed

    Tuesday Evening, 14-Feb-2017 - The Anniversary

    A milder evening than Sunday saw a pleasing number of visitors to see the radio event, as well as other Marconi exhibits. Everything was setup for a 6pm start and all operation occured from within the 2MT Hut on both HF (below) and VHF stations.

    HF Operation was again on 40m - 7.106

    At 7pm, the time of the original broadcast in 1922, the 95th Anniversary was marked by a set of toasts and interviews of Tim Wander G6GUX on, with Peter M0PSX providing a video stream via 'Periscope'



    Tuesday evenings have CARS nets, so the night provided an opportunity to run the net as GB952MT over the local GB3DA 2m repeater, which attracted quite bit of traffic from across the county and beyond

    John G8DET and Tim G6GUX on 2m VHF

    As the evening concluded the lead culprits had their portraits taken by the 2MT replica transmitter...


    Thanks to all who made it happen !


    Chelmsford Weekly News (Click to zoom)

    Video: Chris G0IPU - Two Emma Toc Writtle Calling

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