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CARS Meetings: Jan - March 2022

January Meeting
4-Jan-2022, 7.30-9pm
Online by Zoom
"Cheating at Maths Using Computers"
Damian Bevan G4WPO

For January we welcome back Damian Bevan G4WPO. A more serious title for this talk would ‘Using computers to solve mathematical problems’.

In 1936, in the ‘age of electricity’, Alan Turing presented his machine which he hypothesised was able to compute anything which is capable of being computed.

It turns out that around a century earlier, back in the ‘age of steam’, Charles Babbage and Lady Ada Lovelace had already been having similar thoughts about mechanical computing engines, designed to solve mathematical problems. In those days, human 'computers' were used to laboriously calculate and tabulate the solutions to maths problems ranging from trigs and logs, to astronomical, nautical, banking and insurance information etc.

Nowadays, computers are immensely more powerful than they were in either Babbage’s or Turing’s time. Damian will touch upon some modern computing tools, which are available to us all in order to solve every day problems, before briefly wondering whether computing has anything to say about the nature of our lives and the universe itself.


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    February Meeting
    Tue 1-Feb-2022, 7.30-9pm
    Online by Zoom
    "Royal Signals and Amateur Radio"
    Geoff Budden G3WZP

    Geoff Budden G3WZP is from the Royals Signals Museum Outreach Team that takes communication to young people.

    The Corps of Signals were formally created by royal warrant in June 1920. The Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp in Dorset, is a walk through history, featuring a diverse range of interactive displays illustrating the science and technology of communications.

    Geoff's talk will include the work on a mobile trailer and cover their Centenary Special Event Station GB100RSM


  • Meeting ID: 899 4574 2104
  • Passcode: 791501

    March Meeting
    1-Mar-2022, 7.30-9pm
    Online by Zoom
    "Digital Amateur TV"
    Dave Crump G8GKQ

    Dave Crump G8GKQ of BATC will introduce Amateur TV and talk about the tremendous strides made in full definition digital amateur television, making DATV usable in more amateur bands than ever.


  • Meeting ID: 837 8535 7544
  • Passcode: 306875

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