Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

CARS Meetings April - June 2020

April Meeting
Tue 7-Apr-2019, 7.30-10pm
Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street

For the April meeting

May Meeting
Tue 5-May-2020, 7.30-10pm
Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
"Alan Turing and his Machine"
Damian Bevan G4WPO

For May, we are pleased to host Damian Bevan G4WPO for a fascinating insight into the work of Alan Turing

In his seminal 1936 paper ‘On Computable Numbers’, a young Alan Mathison Turing set in motion a new field now known as ‘Computer Science’. With the notional automaton which Turing presented in this paper, he set the blueprint for the digital computer, which is so central to modern-day life and work. In this talk we describe this so-called ‘Turing Machine’, and explore Turing’s life, his death and his legacy today.

On the way, we briefly cover the impact of computation on the field of wireless, both during Turing’s work at Bletchley Park in World War 2, and in the modern day.

June Meeting
Tue 2-Jun-2020, 7.30-10pm
Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street

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