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Visit to Waters & Stanton on 19th January, 2006 to see FT9000.

An invitation was received from W & S to visit them in Hockley to see the new FT9000.

We were welcomed by Mark Francis, Marketing Director who introduced Paul Bigwood from Yaesu.

Paul had brought along the new FT9000 & he then proceeded to explain the detailed design & manufacture philiosophy of this sophisticated Transceiver.

FT9000 & Paul Bigwood

FT9000 & Paul Bigwood, G3WYW (left).

The DSP Receiver (infact there are two completely separate receivers) has been built to sound & perform as well as the FT1000, which was analogue. The FT1000 is considered by most to be the reference of all Receivers. To mimic this but using software has been acheived giving the FT9000 a distinct advantage when using it.

A 200 and a 400 Watt version are available. A stripped down version is also available for portable Contest working.

Rear of FT9000

Rear of FT9000.

Note the aerial cord is using one of the 4 aerial sockets. The FT9000D weighs 60 pounds, not something one would carry around often. The Contest version is lighter.

A beautiful piece of equipment.

After some very nice refreshments, Peter Waters described a range of aerials suitable for the smaller garden. He started with the characteristics of the Vertical aerial which can be mounted nearly anywhere. Slight problem is that it picks up more noise than a horizontal. It should be provided with radials of any length - the more the better.

He then described a nearly half size version of the G5RV which has been developed by Bill Barlett, G4KIH. W&S have the plastic spacers needed to make the slotted ribbon feeder.

Then the G3OJV Compact aerial was described. This used a 450 Ohm ladder feeder.

Next the Wire Doublet which Peter said he had produced to provide an effective indoor aerial in "the smaller house". It also used a Balanced Feeder direct from the Aerial to the ATU mounted in the shack directly below.

Peter concluded a very practical talk with a description of various SWR conditions.

The Raffle was drawn & Bernard Harris from Southend Radio Society won a nice Morse Key.

Bernard and the morse key

Bernard G0DRH holding his Raffle price - a Morse key. He was pleased to add it to his collection of 20 or so.

Peter Waters thanked us all for coming and hoped it was useful.

We were all presented with a "goodie bage of details of the FT9000.

A most enjoyable visit.

Report by John G8DET.

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