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Visit to Waters & Stanton on 11th April, 2002

A visit was arranged by Trevor, M5AKA to the local emporium produced a very full party of Club Members to sample the delights of this well-known establishment.

Mark Francis (1)

Mark Francis, Marketing Director

After a brief welcome and introduction by Mark Francis, a tour of the Warehouse and Museum gave some idea of the stock held, enabling in most cases, a rapid response to requests.

Bob & Mike in the shop (2)

Bob, M1DTA and Mike Sullivan looking around the shop

The requests for a large variety of equipment come from shop visitors, telephone calls and by letter. On visiting the out going order department later, we were to discover some 150 items are dispatched daily.

Colin and the morse key (3)

John Bowen, G8DET with Colin, G0TRM holding a Morse key

The Museum collection gave rise to many expressions of passed experiences of ownership or familiarity, with some of the fine examples of an earlier generation on display.

We next were shown the excellent in-house Service Department which contributes greatly to the success of W & S - staffed by a dedicated band of Amateurs.

Mike, Matthew & Bob Boddy (4)

Mike Sullivan, Mike, G4ZPE (hiding), Matthew and Bob Boddy, G6AKL, Service Engineers.

Zippy in his workshop(5)

Mike, G4ZPE (Zippy) in his workshop. Note, each of his toys produce a different test audio frequency.

After a break for some excellent food and drink we were shown the in-house facilities for producing all the copy and photographs required for advertising leaflets etc, as well as the excellent colour brochure we all know and love.

G8DET with Robin Hall (6)

John Bowen, G8DET with Robin Hall, G4DVJ, Media Manager.

Director, Peter Waters then demonstrated some new products to us and talked proudly at length about the Company as a whole and how they are the leading suppliers in the Country and have recently won an award for the best growth.

Martyn & Peter Waters (7)

Martyn, G1EFL with Peter Waters.

After which, time was taken to talk to all the staff present and ask questions and in some cases spend some hard-earned cash.

Summing up Mark thanked us all for coming and invited us back in a year or two to see how well their planned expansion to their stores and dispatch areas are progressing, which will be in keeping with the recently enlarged shop and excellent working equipment display areas.

On leaving we were all presented with a quality Kenwood mug with which to quench our thirsts during long nights on the radio. From my point of view it was a most enjoyable and worthwhile visit.

Trevor with his aerial (8)

Trevor, M5AKA with MP-1 HF-VHF-UHF Portable Antenna.

Many thanks to our hosts and to Trevor, M5AKA for arranging it.

Report by Colin G0TRM.

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