Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Club
Firework Evening, November 2002

The Loughton and Epping Forest ARC are keen on inter-club co-operation. Their first invitation for CARS members to visit them was for a barbeque back in July which unfortunately clashed with our Science and Discovery Day preparations. Fortunately there was no such clash for the firework display.

LEFARS is a small friendly club and the key name to remember when visiting them is John which is by far the most poular name in the club. They are just starting a Foundation Course and 3 of the Johns will be assisting with the teaching.

They have a great meeting venue - All-Saints church hall a large spacious building which more importantly has extensive grounds out the back that the club can use to set up a variety of antennas, although no antennas were up when we visited. These grounds were the setting for the firework display.

It had been raining most of that day but just before the fireworks were due to commence the sky around All-Saints cleared and we were able to view the very impressive display without getting wet.

The fireworks were followed by the meal, LEFARS had laid on plenty of jacket potatoes, hot-dogs and mugs of piping hot tea.

On behalf of the club I would like to thanks LEFARS for their excellent hospitality a good time was had by all. Report by Trevor, M5AKA

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