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Do and Discover Weekend

Do & Discover 2023
Danbury Village Hall
"Public Outreach"
By CARS Members et al

On the warm June 17/18th weekend, CARS volunteers supported the ‘Do & Discover’ CSES STEM event at the Marconi building at Anglia Ruskin University in central Chelmsford. CARS worked in close collaboration with Regional-12 Rep David De La Haye M0MBD. Saturday was particularly busy with family groups who had booked slots for the radio activities.

Amongst other exhibits and demonstrations, the event had pre-booked numerous families and children to gain hands on experience of assembling radio kits. Whilst some radio models were solderless, the most popular and best performing was soldering an FM radio receiver kit together. This generated a real sense of achievement for the youngsters when it sprang into life with clear reception and audio.

Our thanks to David, Elliot, Bob G4MDB, Phil G0UIB and Murray G6JYB – and of course CSES

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